We’re off to a bad start when I make sure the title is a pun, I can tell you that much, but, you’re here. Here specifically, because in this day and age for someone to actually end up on the the home page means that you’re not necessarily looking for content.

What you’re looking for is information on Guns-A-Go-Go. What are we? What’s the purpose of this here? You could say that because of that, we’ve gone ahead and made the kill. So here’s the deal: we’re a group of gamers who have been playing video games for a long time.

With experience comes skill and knowledge, and these things are what we’re looking to put at your disposal, which isn’t just particularly about games. We’re more than eager to lend a hand with research, exploring intriguing ideas, and providing wonderful rabbit holes to chase down.

Ideally, this site will be an effective tool and demonstration of our worth: an accumulation of the various things we’ve learned playing video games and exploring their sandboxes. In addition to that, it’s also a place where you can reach us in regards to our services.

Services? What services? I know, right. Nothing’s for free, and time certainly isn’t. If you want to direct our attention somewhere, our contact information is provided so that we can help you in what specific ways you see fit. Research, testing, or even just showing a game off. We’re some flying aces, combo crazy, and pretty alright shots.

So if you’re interested, drop us a line, we’ll keep the engines warm.